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Throughout our over 90-year history we have sought to be a valued member to the Flin Flon community by providing financial support in a variety of means.  


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Hudbay currently supports sustainability initiatives in the community of Flin Flon. From our annual Christmas donation to the Lord’s Bounty Food Bank to our sponsorship of the Flin Flon Bombers, we are proud of the ways we have been able to give back and support the Flin Flon community. 




Our closure plan, which consists of multiple phases and looks to 2100 and beyond, includes stringent and detailed environmental plans of water stewardship, tailings system, infrastructure and processing plants.

Hudbay will invest significant capital dollars to cover demolition and remediation costs, to ensure the stabilization of our tailings, and to build and operate a water treatment plant in Flin Flon. 


Hudbay will be evaluating the opportunity to reprocess over 90 years' worth of tailings at our facility after the 777 mine is closed.


This opportunity could utilize the Flin Flon concentrator, with modifications, creating economic benefits to the Flin Flon community. Reprocessing can also have significant environmental benefits by potentially reducing the amount of water treatment in the future.


Hudbay is in the early stages of technical evaluation and confirmatory drilling to assess the viability of this opportunity. 


This year, we are set to complete the final phase of our multi-year C$80 million dam investment project to improve the factor of safety of our Flin Flon Tailings Impoundment System (FFTIS). The system has been in service for more than 90 years and holds more than 100 million tonnes of tailings. The project, which began in 2019, incorporates expert recommendations to bring it in line with the highest industry standards. The final phase is due for completion this year.

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